Ok, so, with very little instigation from Alex, I’m now working on something I’m familiar with: a Faerun 3.5 campaign. Alex has only been a DM, the only game he’s played in sucked, and it’s not all too fair on him. ‘Sides, something new for me, too. I have a basic idea of what the plan is, and it’s definitely more traditional D&D style than Alex’s pseudo-WWII Europe world. So, for those with short attention spans and don’t want to read this one massive paragraph, here’s the short version:

Rules: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (99.9%, I’ll explain the remainder as it applies)

Setting: Forgotten Realms / Faerun

Restrictions: As applicable. This will change as is necessary. As of writing this (7/9/10) all bets are off, everything goes so long as it follows the books. And that’s any 3.5 book, not just the PHB. You want a Minotaur Mage that’s Water-Phobic and lactose intolerant, talk to me – I’ll make it work.

Starting Level: 5* *This can also change. If you make a CharSheet now, be prepared to change it if need be

Misc Stuff: This is DEFINITELY a WIP. Started today (7/9/10), no clue when it’ll be ready. Between work and shit, could be a while. Who knows? Might be next week. But being a WIP, I’m open to ideas. You want something, say it. I don’t have ESP, I don’t read minds. You have a good idea? Let me know about it. You think I’m a piece of shit? Send it with every nasty syllable to . Aside from that, I’ll keep you posted here.


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