• Esvin Nus'li

    Esvin Nus'li

    Esvin Nus'li the Ranged Elf Scout
  • First Lieutenant Tarrick Oldsmithe

    First Lieutenant Tarrick Oldsmithe

    First Lieutenant of Calimport's local guard, attempting to lead a charge against the city's infamous underworld...
  • Levas'Nah Moonglow

    Levas'Nah Moonglow

    On a pilgrimage from the Moonshae Isles to Calimport, of all places. Shy and Quiet, mostly for the secrets she holds...
  • Rufis


    Homeless, constantly hungry, but always knowledgeable. Can be quick on his feet when necessary.
  • The High Magistrates (Council)

    The High Magistrates (Council)

    Overseers of the the Arcane Pinnacle, a relatively new structure piercing the skies above the Calim Desert. Not much else is known...