Charles Iscariot

Psychic warrior with clerical training and ranger skills


Psychic Warrior 5, human, True Neutral

STR 10 HP: 24

DEX 17 AC: 17 (v. touch = 18, v. flat-footed = 11)

CON 12 Primary Hand: Longbow (+6, 1d8/x3, 110ft, 30 rounds, holy relic)

INT 17 Off-Hand: Kris (+3, 1d6/x3, holy relic)

WIS 14 Armor: Feyweave cloth, leather bracers, Inertial Armor

CHA 17 Other Gear: Satchel w/traveling supplies

Fortitude: 5 Reflex: 4 Will: 3

Skills: Autohypnosis 5, Concentration 5/9, Craft (fletching) 5, Decipher Script 7, Diplomacy 5, Escape Artist 4, Gather Information 4, Heal 6, Knowledge (planes) 5, Knowledge (history) 5, Knowledge (religion) 6, Knowledge (psionics) 6, Move Silently 5, Profession (priest) 6, Psicraft 6, Stabilize Self 5, Tumble 7

Feats: Combat Manifestation, Inertial Armor, Point Blank Shot (Psionic Shot), Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (longbow)

Psionic Combat Modes: Ego Whip (Off.), Thought Shield (Def.), Mental Barrier (Def.)

Powers: 0-Level – Bolt, Catfall, Detect Psionics. 1st-Level – Call Weaponry, Combat Precognition, Lesser Metaphysical Weapon. 2nd-Level – Combat Prescience.

Power Points (PP)/day: 8 Free 0-level/day: 7



*Father was Lantanna *Mother was Calishite *Follows the path of Kelemvor *Approx. 23 *Psychic priest (no clerical powers yet) *Has extensive knowledge about old/dead religions and languages

More once details can be hammered out.

Charles Iscariot

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