Edwin Sahhran Caraenyc

A gnome tinkerer by trade, a trickster by personality, and a force to be feared when bored


Name: Edwin Sahhran Caraenyc

Race: Gnome (F.Realms)
Player: Kathryn

Classes: Rogue5

Hit Points: 26

Experience: 10000 / 15000

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Speed: Walk 20 ft.

Languages: Chondathan, Gnome, Lantanese, Sylvan

Stat Score Mod

STR 10 (+0)

DEX 18 (+4)

CON 12 (+1)

INT 15 (+2)

WIS 15 (+2)

CHA 13 (+1)


Skill- Total(Rnk)

Craft (Armorsmithing) 6(4), Craft (Explosives) 6(4), Craft (Trapmaking) 4(2), Craft (Weaponsmithing) 10(8), Disable Device 8(6), Handle Animal 3 (2), Hide 12(4), Listen 6(4), Move Silently 8(4), Open Lock 10(2), Profession (Siege Engineer) 10(8.0), Ride 6(2), Search 6(4), Sleight of Hand 12(8), Spot 6(4)

Feats -————————————

You get a +2 bonus on all Jump checks and Tumble checks.

x5speed when run, x4 in med or heavy armor, or with med or heavy load.
If make a jump after a running start, gain +4 on jump check. Retain Dex bonus to AC

Armor Proficiency (Light):
When you wear a type of armor with which you are proficient,
the armor check penalty for that armor applies only to Balance,
Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Pick Pocket,
and Tumble checks.

Simple Weapon Proficiency

Special Abilities -—————————
Templates -———————————

FRCS Regions, Lantan, Gnome (Rock)

Combat -———————————-

Total / Touch / Flat Footed

AC: 15 / 15 / 15

Initiative: +4

BAB: +3

Melee tohit: +4

Ranged tohit: +8

Fortitude: +2

Reflex: +8

Will: +3

Unarmed attack:

to hit: +4

damage: 1d2

critical: 20/x2

Crossbow (Hand) (Small):

to hit: +0

damage: 1d3

critical: 19-20/x2

range: 30 ft.

Dagger (Small):

to hit: +0

damage: 1d3

critical: 19-20/x2

Dagger (Small/Thrown):

to hit: +8

damage: 1d3

critical: 19-20/x2

range: 10 ft.

Special Abilities -————————-
Equipment -——————————-

Also to messy to list at the moment

Total weight carried: 12.25lb

Current load: Light

Light: 25, Medium: 50, Heavy: 75


Description -——————————

Height: 3’ 5"

Weight: 45 lbs.

Gender: Female

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black,Crew cut

Skin: Gray

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Quirks: Energetic, Trickster

Speech style: Indirect

Quotable: I wonder what this does ?

Full Description


Her current full name is: Sahhran Caraenyc Springstep Edwin Yarn Haefwit Scortch’Brow Addrumyr Tweak Sent’Far Wavedip Loki Quickflash Darkbanned Dustrider
(listed in chronological order earned).

Born in Lantan, Edwin was born to her mother, a weaver, and her father, a clock-work tinkerer, and both rock gnomes.Extremely skilled at siege engines, Edwin turned her eye to weapons, and eventually grew bored of praise for her crafts and the seeming monotony of idea-study-craft-boredom. Eventually, boredom permeated her entire process and she turned to pranks to allieviate it. At first this was welcomed as the occaisional laugh, but Edwin’s growing need to do something eventually went past even gnome tolerance levels.

Seen as a reckless prankster even by her fellow gnomes, Edwin was sent to a colony of deep gnomes in the Underdark who thought they were getting a very good deal on an undisclosed amount of various gifts and a silly rock gnome to scare some sense into, even if they had to keep her (relatively) alive. Within the first year, the deep gnomes were more than content to send her off exploring the Underdark so there would be no impromptu skylights created or hungry gnomes catapulted into buffet table bulls-eyes, but this proved unwise as well since now there developed an exponential increase in phosphorescent fungus graffiti and other annoyances. It would seem that Edwin parted on (relatively) good terms (for deep gnomes) since her pranks extended to planted sleep dust, exploding powders, and encouraged misunderstandings between the other nearby drow, goblin, and other creature settlements; her pride in staying undetected throughout.

After a couple years in the Underdark, the deep gnomes didn’t so much throw her out as leave copious amounts of resources laying about, along with a map, and several (more) traps in the entrances leading away from the surface to discourage her from returning. Her return journey to Lantan was hurried along by the first above ground gnome settlement giving her their finest riding dog. She returned the favor by leaving several rather rare Underdark fungi— which then exploded and left a disgusting smelling slime to coat everything nearby.

Edwin Sahhran Caraenyc

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