The Lionheart

That which fuels this tale...


The Lionheart – Artifact Amulet (Level 30 Item)

Immune to Fear Regeneration 1 effect [Feat: Diehard] Courage of the LionSpecial Effect The Lionheart provides untold courage and fearlessness in those who bear it. However, this can also be a burden. The wearer cannot run from any form of combat, no matter the odds. More often then not, the combatant will run headlong into battle. As such, when it’s wearer finds combat, they must roll a Will save vs (Item Level – Character Level -5). Example: A Level 16 Fighter would roll vs a 19 to see if the amulet prevents his common sense from moving him away from the 12 Eyes of Grummsh charging down the hill on worgs.


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The Lionheart

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