Vorpal Flaming frying pan

Most epic weapon ever

weapon (melee)

+3 Vorpal Flaming Frying Pan

A nondescript item at first, this frying pan is actually a vorpal bastard sword in disguise! Made with memory steel, it retains it’s +3 attribute and its flaming ability while in frying pan form, but can only be used as a vorpal weapon when in sword form.

Frying Pan:

  1. Simple Weapon
  1. Light Melee
  1. Damage = 1d4/1d6 + 1d6 fire damage
  1. Critical = x2
  1. Range = As far as you can throw it
  1. Weight = 2 lbs.
  1. Type = Bludgeoning
  1. Special abilities – flaming: Add 1d6 fire damage when active

+3 vorpal flaming Bastard Sword:

  1. Exotic Weapon
  1. One-Handed Melee
  1. DMG = 1d6/1d10 +1d6 fire damage
  1. Critical = 19-20/x2
  1. Range = n/a
  1. Weight = 6 lbs.
  1. Type = Slashing
  1. Special abilities – vorpal: Strikes off the head of an appropriate enemy when a critical killing blow is achieved; flaming: Add 1d6 fire damage when active

Cost: 1000 platinum (only platinum), available only through certain contacts (if created/bought)



Vorpal Flaming frying pan

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